I have recently become obsessed with women on motorcycles.  Not necessarily women who ride motorcycles, rather those who pose on or around them with next to nothing on their bodies.

What You Get:
Unless my internet search skills have failed me, I have yet to find a site purely dedicated to  collecting and displaying photographs/images of these babes (if you happen to find another please let me know).  There seems to be a few that I can find that are part of another bike site, but still involve more details about motorcycles.  Yea, sometimes the bikes are awesome, but does that always matter?
I will be posting with strategy from time to time which means you’ll probably get one hot girl per day, but sometimes there will be themed days with multiple images or something like that.

I will start by posting one image per day (assuming I don’t miss a day).  This number may increase based on the number of images I actually find and the amount sent to me by regular “readers.”

Readers of Easy Riders, In The Wind, and Biker magazines probably have their fill of sexy women on motorcycles, so this is for the folks who can’t have a subscription of those magazines sent to their house for one reason or another.

What You Can Do:
Please send your own submissions.  That is to say, any classic images are desired, exceptional new images, homemade images are always a good time too.  If you want to show off your custom hog on this site, please email a picture, just make sure there is a woman on it.  Submitted images will get priority unless I have something special lined up.  You will get whatever credit for the pic you want (model’s name, photographer, bike make, bike maker, submitters name or website, etc).

I will not write too much about images I found but feel free to fill in any blanks you want with a comment, like bike info, model info, where the image may have appeared, etc.



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